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About The Firm

The KONÉ & Associés partnership brings its experience, know-how, expertise and availability to provide you with solutions as quickly as possible.

The targets of KONÉ & Associés

  • To provide you with the legal information necessary to ensure that your projects go smoothly ;
  • To adapt to your business, your working methods and your projects ;
  • To protect your innovations to ensure that they generate value ;
  • To help you during contractual phases ;
  • To prevent legal proceedings by means of negotiation.

       We aim to be Responsive, Competent and to Earn your trust for the success of your business projects.

Our method
We use management methods developed internally, and particularly the SWOT matrix, a business strategy tool.

Our approach, founded in multiple disciplines, ensures an excellent match with the needs of all our clients.

KONÉ & Associés has two main skill areas: legal advice and knowledge of the business world.
We have sound knowledge of the economic world and the business sectors related to trade and distribution, advertising and media, industry and information technology.

KONÉ & Associés has an international dimension, working in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg and China. Please contact us with your questions.

KONÉ & Associés

Rue des Anciens Etangs 40
1190 Brussels, BELGIUM
Phone : +32(0) 2 318 60 43
Fax : +32(0) 2 318 60 44


Rue Rodolphe-Toepffer 8
Phone: +41(0)22 519 22 88
FAX: +41(0)22 519 22 89

Legal Notice

The contents of this website are intended to provide general information; they do not constitute legal advice and cannot replace an appointment in our offices or a written consultation, which enable analysis of the full scope of the client’s specific question. Find out more . More informations


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