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New technology law

Online Sale

KONÉ & Associés advises and assists you in all your online business activities, particularly in the application of consumer law.

All online sales activities require the application of certain mandatory information.

KONÉ & Associés assists you in drafting your general terms and conditions of sale and/or use of services, your IT contracts and we advise you on the provisions related to the distribution of online content.

Concerning the distribution of content, we advise you in order to protect yourself and that your responsibility is not engaged with regard to copyright, trademark law, image rights, press law.

Online Marketing

KONE & Associates advises you in your online marketing activities, in particular by informing you of the legal framework concerning commercial prospecting methods, advertising campaigns and the organisation of online games and competitions.

A set of mandatory information is required, rules on prohibited or restricted advertising (comparative advertising), provisions on the protection of personal data, particularly in e-mailing campaigns including new modes of communication (advertising by “smart-phone”).




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