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New technology law

On-line sales

KONÉ & Associés offers advice and assistances for all on-line sales activities, particularly the application of consumer law.

We also assist with the drafting of general terms of sale and/or website use, IT contracts, and advise on the provisions concerning on-line content broadcasting (photos, music, text).

On-line marketing

KONÉ & Associés provides advice for all on-line marketing activities, and particularly information on the legal framework for commercial prospecting methods, advertising campaigns and organising on-line games and competitions.


KONÉ & Associés

Rue des Anciens Etangs 40
1190 Brussels, BELGIUM
Phone : +32(0) 2 318 60 43
Fax : +32(0) 2 318 60 44


Rue Rodolphe-Toepffer 8
Phone: +41(0)22 519 22 88
FAX: +41(0)22 519 22 89

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