Based on its experience, KONÉ & Associés is at your service and provides you with its know-how, expertise and availability to respond pragmatically as quickly as possible.

The objectives of KONÉ & Associés

  • To provide you with the legal information necessary for the smooth running of your projects: communicate to you all the legal provisions related to your project;
  • To adapt to your activity, your working methods and your projects: whether you are a small company without a legal department, we carry out all the legal activity of your company for you or a large international group that needs to outsource the study of the file on an ad hoc basis;
  • To protect your innovations to ensure that they generate value: support you in implementing the protection strategy, file your trademarks and/or designs with all the necessary research beforehand,;
  • To assist you during contractual process: assist you during your contractual negotiations and draft all your business contracts (in particular confidentiality agreements, licensing agreements) in relation to your intangible assets or any activities related to new technology law;
  • To prevent any legal proceedings by means of negotiation: support you in the negotiation phase to defend your interests as well as possible and avoid the litigation phase.

We aim to be Responsive, Competent and to Earn your trust for the success of your business projects.


Our method

Our multidisciplinary approach is to position ourselves as close as possible to the needs of all our clients, whatever their activities and internal structures.

KONE & Associés has a double competence, legal advice and knowledge of the business world, which allows us to adapt to each of our clients and to be efficient and provide quick answers. Understanding your issues is essential for KONE & Associés.

We have knowledge of the economic world and the sectors of activity related to online commerce and distribution implementing consumer law; online advertising and the media including all new modes of communication; information technology; artistic creations and the world of the art market; copyright and trademark law, competition law; the protection of personal data and your responsibility as a data controller.

KONE & Associés is an international law firm with operations in Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and China. We work with a network of lawyers and patent attorneys in all these countries for a better reactivity and professionalism. For any questions, please contact us.