Intellectual Property

Literary and artistic property

This field concerns copyright and related rights governed by the Intellectual Property Code, the constantly evolving French and European case law, but also European law and all international conventions. It can therefore be, in particular, books, music, drawings, paintings, photography, a course, the design of a garment, software, etc. All his creations must be original and reflect the imprint of the personality of his author.


Industrial property rights

This field concerns patents, trademarks and designs, which are also protected by the Intellectual Property Code and by a title deed by means of a registration with the National Institute of Intellectual Property.

KONÉ & Associés proposes:

  • Assistance and advice on registration formalities
  • Contract negotiation and writing

Ask KONÉ & Associés to register your industrial assets and manage your intellectual and industrial property portfolio (patent searches); we can also ensure the value of your intellectual property assets by negotiating and writing your business contracts (notably your license contracts or brand, patent or software transfer contracts, research and development contracts, sub-contracting and distribution contracts, software or website development contracts) in French and English.


Audiovisual and media law ; Image rights and privacy

KONÉ & Associés advises and assists you in all matters relating to copyright and related rights, image rights applied to the media, press offences, audiovisual law, in particular for film music and various exploitation rights (music, film and television programme producers), live performance recording, the exploitation of all sports events, or in the field of fashion or advertising.

KONÉ & Associés negotiates and drafts your contracts for the production or distribution of audiovisual, multimedia or literary works, contracts for the transfer or exploitation of image rights, in French or English, etc. Before any project, contact KONÉ & Associés to ensure that all precautions have been taken. Copyright may be limited by the right to an image, the right to privacy or freedom of expression.


Art market

This sector is also governed by copyright law but also involves provisions concerning liability when the works are put up for sale, particularly for questions of authenticity or ownership of works of art.