Les Conseillers Juridiques

Legal office specialized in new technology and intellectual property law
Simply innovate, we protect effectively, you value sustainable
  • Research and Development
  • Inventors
  • digital creation
  • Photographers
  • Designer
  • graphic designers
  • Authors
  • Songwriters
  • Performers
  • Production companies and publishing

KONÉ & Associés law firm he specializes in technology law. Our areas of expertise include: legal advice ; legal protection ; negotiation ; technology transfer.

Our goal is to be closer to our customers and to be responsive to best meet your expectations. This is why KONÉ & Associés law firm engages primarily via the internet to provide you with faster responses to a cheaper cost.

KONÉ & Associés law firm ensures maximum legal protection for your intellectual assets and their transfer to industry.

KONÉ & Associés law firm assists you in your management strategy of intellectual property.

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Private individual

KONÉ & Associés law firm will advise you on protecting your intellectual property.

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KONÉ & Associés law firm accompanies you during your negotiations and the drafting of your contracts.

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Public company

KONÉ & Associés law firm accompanies you for the protection and transfer of public research.